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    Note: The Covenant Family Wellness physical site is currently closed due to COVID-19 precautions, astronomical gas prices, and the fact that Matthew’s wife has locked him in the basement and only allows him out for dinner and the occasional bathroom break*

    Covenant Family Wellness, LLC is looking for highly selected partners who are interested in growing their skills and caseloads. For independent contractors, salary will be based on a percentage of collected income. For those who are still dependently licensed, pay will be per therapeutic hour.

    Benefits include: 

    * administrative support – including automated phone systems, email, and access to an electronic health record that will assist with scheduling, notetaking, and reports.

    • Billing Services and collections
    • Supervision (towards licensure or peer) as needed
    • Internal referral systems based on competencies.

    Currently, individuals will be hired as 1099 contractors, but provisions may be made for W-2 employees for highly qualified individuals.

    *For legal and ethical purposes this is an exaggeration