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  • Family Meeting Roadmap

    Use this template to add structure to your family meetings (or family meetings to your structure) and better your family communication.

    How many times do your find your family fighting about who is doing chores, unequal workloads, a lack of date nights, or just missing positive feedback?

    This is a one page template that will help you guide through major areas of family disagreements:

    • Positive Reinforcement
    • Scheduling
    • Chores / Responsibilities
    • Asking for help where needed

    This will work for you, whether you are a couple of two or a bunch of eight (or nine) … and frankly it works for one as well, but we’re not sure if we see the need for that quite as much.

    I recommend keeping notes in a journal that follow the template so that you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished.