One of the defining characteristics of Covenant Family Wellness is that we offer online therapy for convenience, comfort, and accessibility.

I work part-time for another agency – it’s a long story best saved for quite a few other blog posts. Driving there is all of about 10 miles from my home – which can translate to anything from 20 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. Today on the way home, I also had a nice gentleman behind me who found his cell phone much more intriguing than my bumper. Twice. Thankfully, his reflexes were still quick enough that I can consider him an annoyance and not anything worse.

That moment is one of many that have made me glad for online therapy. Some others include:


Gas prices are increasing. Traffic – at least in Columbus, Ohio – doesn’t seem to be getting any smoother … especially with the state symbol of Ohio  – the orange traffic barrels – being in season. And don’t get me started on the potholes. Well, I can’t fault those because, as my wife will attest, I have some sort of sixth sense that draws my tires towards anything resembling a pothole.

So with all that stress, I want you to drive to my office … and relax.

Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. But with online therapy, you find a quiet place and sign online where you are. There’s no traffic. No gas prices. No potholes. Online therapy lets you relax and work on you.


Having worked community mental health counseling, I grew to have an appreciation for home-based counseling. There was something about being able to be in a client’s home and allow them to be as comfortable as possible. In traditional, office-based therapy you have to come into a facility – many times with others that you don’t know – and sit in whatever furniture is available.

But in teletherapy, you are on your home turf. Pick a comfy chair (the comfy chair, the comfy chair). Grab a cup of your favorite coffee. Pick up your favorite pet – be it feathered, furred, or scaled (though if it’s a fish, make sure you bring the bowl). The bad news is that I’m allergic to dogs. The good news is that until technology improves, that’s not an issue with online therapy.

Kick off your shoes and be comfortable.


Lastly, online therapy is about accessibility – for the client and therapist. In doing home-based therapy, I realized that there are clients with mobility issues who cannot come into an office – or for whom it’s highly difficult. There are those who are agoraphobic and leaving their house is too terrifying a prospect for them … right now. And while a basic search for therapists in the Columbus, Ohio area will look something like my back when I had the chicken pox in first grade, there are other areas that are bare. Being an online counseling practice means getting a therapist into remote areas – anywhere the internet will reach.

But before you think me too altruistic, I will say that there’s an accessibility issue for me too. Working in community counseling, I loved being able to go to my clients. But my time was limited. Often I had to drive a half hour, an hour, and even an hour and a half between clients. It made for long days.

Online therapy means being accessible: phone, tablet, or computer. You just need a microphone and a camera – and many modern devices come with this. Clients can meet in their car (in the parking lot, please) before work or at lunch. Moms can connect when the kids go down for a nap (pleeeeease, let them go down for a nap). If you have a private backyard, pull up a lounge chair and let’s talk.

Schedule a 15 Minute Consultation Today

Online therapy is a fairly new concept, and while it’s convenient, comfortable, and accessible, it can be a big step for some people. For that reason, Covenant Family Wellness is offering anyone in Ohio a 15-minute consultation to try out the platform, ask the therapist questions, and just make sure that things click well.

I’m looking forward to seeing you online!

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Owner / Therapist

Matthew is the owner and founder of Covenant Family Wellness. He’s a counselor, a licensed minister, and a coffee connoisseur – and has spent his life working to help families come together, whether through education, ministry, or therapy.