Podcast Guest Speakers Needed

Looking for positive stories that inspire hope and healing

Podcast Guest Speakers – Join our Community:

We are all about the idea of community in our practice – and having a chance to be one of our podcast guest speakers can be a great way to accomplish that. We’d love to hear from families that have been successful in overcoming difficulties, implementing positive parenting strategies, and can provide inspiration to our listeners.

  • You don’t have to be perfect as a parent – vulnerability is highly encouraged
  • You don’t have to be perfect as a speaker – be sincere and relatable
  • You don’t have to be perfect as a Christian – but we like to see God’s grace at work
podcast guest speakers will get their hands messy with us
podcast guest speakers can benefit from a great microphone

What do our Podcast Guest Speakers Need?

  • A willing and humble heart
  • The desire to positively influence others
  • A computer / tablet / phone and a solid internet or phone connection
  • An external microphone of some sort (professional podcast mic, headset, or lapel mic). These can be fairly inexpensive but they will make a world of difference. Check out some of the ones here
  • Video is optional depending on your comfort level.

Expectations for Podcast Guest Speakers:

  1. We will promote your show to our audience; we would love for you do to offer the same reciprocity
  2. Be genuinely willing to help people by showing how positive communication, boundaries, discipline or other “building up” activities have strengthened your own relationship or those of the the people with whom you work
  3. Be willing to be personally vulnerable about your successes AND failures
  4. This is a G-rated podcast with PG-Rated material. We expect language to be clean so as to not alienate our guests. We will tackle adult-oriented events, but these can be done with respect
  5. We encourage related business development – if you have a product that will help our audience, by all means, promote it, but also be willing to talk about your own relationships and inspire our audience
  6. We are a Christian-faith oriented podcast, but not every podcast has to take our audience to “church”. If you would like to encourage our audience with your faith journey, you are more than welcome to do so. If that’s not your “thing,” that’s okay – we just ask that you respect it in others.
  7. Make sure you listen to at least one or two episodes at Bread Over Stones to get a feel for the podcast.




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