The Personal Touch: What differentiates a $1.99 bake mix from a $3.25 cupcake…

So I have a broken digestive system. About 5 years ago, I was working hard to improve my diet. The better I ate the sicker I got. I’ll spare you the details so as to not sully the delicious cupcake image above, but suffice to say it was not a pleasant time. Fast forward through medical tests … and I apparently am allergic to gluten … as well as a host of other foods. Cutting it out of my system, I can say that I feel much better without it.

The doctor assured me that some people feel better after this and can go back to adding limited quantities back into the diet.

Yeah, not me. The most feared thing in the world for me … is a breadcrumb. The least little taste and my digestive system goes into overdrive.

So I am now navigating that glorious digestive quagmire of Celiac, where I have to vet every… single … place I eat. It’s exhausting and becoming increasingly frustrating as more and more restaurants drop off the list.

So, based on a friend’s recommendation, I checked out a new bakery after work one day. I was in the neighborhood of the Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley, OH (no they did not compensate me for any of this – I’m just that happy with them). It was amazing. The food was great. The young lady serving was a bubbly ball of energy and you could see her exuberance for customer service. One of the bakers gave me a description of the strata she was working on and my mouth was watering.

So I walked out with two cupcakes (because I know better than to walk into my house with chocolate for me and not my wife). I was $3.25 (each) poorer, but I had a smile because I had a peace of mind from the personal touch I received. I knew that I would be safe when I finally ate that cupcake that night (note: the cupcake in the blog post is a stock image, not one from the bakery … that cupcake didn’t live long enough to be photographed … RIP, cupcake).

What does that have to do with therapy?

I don’t know. I just liked the cupcake.

Just kidding. See, because the bakery had a personal touch, I knew how they worked and how they prepared my cupcake. I paid for the peace of mind knowing that I was in good hands. That personal touch is one of Covenant Family Wellness’s values. Online therapy in Ohio could be seen as an impersonal act – talking to a computer about whatever comes to mind.

Personal Interaction

At Covenant, you’re not talking to a computer screen when you’re in session. You are face-to-face with another live human being. I will often sit back from the computer so you can see more of my body than just my head so that it is more realistic to what you might see in an office setting. Other than the medium, it’s like being in the office. You’ll wait in a virtual waiting room, I’ll push the magic button to let you in, and you and I can sit down and have a personal conversation about what we can do to help.

Personal Knowledge

One of my traits as a counselor – face-to-face and online – is that I like to know my clients. I try to remember important dates (sometimes I have to write them down) as well as family members, pets, where you went on vacation – and of course your treatment factors. I can’t say that I’m 100% on this, but I try to do more than sit there, nod, and do my best Dr. Phil impression (“How’s that workin’ for ya?” … warning though, I do use this question occasionally).

Personal Service

I went into private practice with the intention of keeping my caseload small. When I worked in an agency, I sometimes juggled 40-50 clients in a month. My goal with Covenant is to keep this small and … you guessed it … personal. This means that we work with you on appointments, payment methods, the frequency of treatments, and other business aspects.


So we know that online counseling for you – no matter where in Ohio you are – might be a new experience. But with our personal touch, we want to help you every step of the way. It starts with a 15-minute free consultation where you can try out the personal service firsthand.

Sorry, no cupcakes though … unless you bring your own personal cupcakes.


The Personal Touch

At Covenant, you’re not talking to a computer screen when you’re in session. You are face-to-face with another live human being.

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Owner / Therapist

Matthew is the owner and founder of Covenant Family Wellness. He’s a counselor, a licensed minister, and a coffee connoisseur – and has spent his life working to help families come together, whether through education, ministry, or therapy.