Individual Counseling

Helping You … Be You


Individual Counseling – Helping you … be you.

Family wellness comes from individual wellness. When we feel depression or anxiety … when trauma or early childhood experiences make it difficult to connect with others … or when we just struggle with skills that are lacking, then therapy with Covenant Family Wellness can help. You can work with a clinician through our secure online platform anywhere in the state of Ohio and find a compassionate therapist who will listen to you, understand your concerns, and work WITH you on how to feel better and reconnect with others. 

The Counseling Process

Beginning the counseling process with Covenant is simple:

1) If you aren’t sure if online therapy is right for you – or if you and the counselor are a good fit – call or email today to request an initial 15-minute free consultation. 

2) Set up an intake appointment for the initial intake. It should take 75-90 minutes and you’ll be asked a series of questions to help determine if treatment is appropriate and what is needed – and ultimately how to best help you. 

3) Work with clinician in whatever way suits you best in frequency – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Sessions can last as little as 30 minutes if that’s what you need, or as much as 90. You and your clinician can work through what options are best – but ultimately treatment is up to you. 

Payment, Fees, & Insurance

Covenant Family Wellness is a self-pay service. We do not contract with any insurance companies because we believe in the freedom of the individual, privacy to handle mental health issues, and the autonomy to determine the best treatment avenues.  

For those who want to still submit to their insurance companies, Covenant will provided you with a “Superbill.” If out-of-network services are covered, some of these costs can be reimbursed. Make sure to call your insurance company ahead of time to determine this. 

You can find more on our Fees page.