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Online Counseling helping to find peace in the midst of anxiety

Anxiety Counseling: Putting the Race in Slow Motion

There is hope for those who are fighting against the stomach-dropping, mind-twisting, jaw-gnawing effects of anxiety.

“We ended up in the hospital that night. I thought I was having a heart attack, but it was just anxiety. I can’t even begin to describe the horrible way I felt. And then I felt dumb afterwards.”

You don’t know the number of people who have said this or something similar. First, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between heart problems and an anxiety or panic attack unless you have experienced both. “I often tell people, I would rather them go to the hospital and feel a little silly than to stay home and have a heart attack. It’s much easier to do anxiety counseling for the former,” Covenant’s founder, Matthew Morgan, said.

Man experiencing relief after feeling anxiety

Do I need Anxiety Counseling?

Anxiety knocks at your door in a variety of forms. It can be general feelings that just seem to take over – like in the late night “worries.” It can be specific fears – spiders, flying, or clowns. It can come based on past-traumas. And it can even show up in subtle ways like having to do things a specific number of times or in a certain way.

This persistent feeling will kick your butt. It will force you away from people who can help and often drive you into isolation. This constant feeling of unease has claimed many people’s jobs and it makes feeling comfortable difficult – even within family. And it has long-term effects on your health – causing muscle pain and strain, digestive issues, and even raising your blood pressure.

What does Anxiety Counseling Treat?

First, anxiety counseling will help you separate the what is a real threat from what is perceived (not that one feels less real, but if you’re having anxiety over not being able to eat because you can’t afford food … no amount of meditation is going to change that). Then we work at finding coping strategies that work for you and will reduce your overall feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety Counseling and the Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are naturally predisposed to anxiety due to their perceptive nature. For those who still have a clock that ticks, you probably never notice it during the day. But as soon as a mysterious bump in the night wakes you out of your sleep, that bad boy sounds like the world’s loudest metronome. It’s so important for HSPs to keep their anxiety in check on a regular basis since stress has a cumulative effect on your mind. Check out the page on Highly Sensitive People if this might be you.

How do we do Anxiety Counseling at Covenant?

Online anxiety counseling lets you meet your angst and work with it. Ideally, we’re taking out a lot of the barriers to therapy: you don’t have to drive to an office or sit in a waiting room with strangers. And if you’re nervous about the platform – give our online counseling a try to today by scheduling a 15-minute consultation for free.

Oh, and if it makes you feel better – there’s no pressure with the call. If it works for you, we’ll schedule an intake session at your convenience. If it doesn’t, just say so. We’re not going to pressure you into something that you don’t want to do. We’ll even refer you to someone that might be a better fit if you would like.

Getting Started is Easy


Free 15 Min Consult

We know online therapy can be a big step and we want you to have the chance to try it first. Schedule a 15-consultation to try the platform and meet your clinician. And this is no pressure – if the fit’s not right, you don’t have to continue.

Book Appointment

If everything goes well, book your initial appointment. We’ll send you a link to your portal online and you can fill out all your documents online (remember trying to balance the clipboard when you go to your first doctor’s appointment)

1st Session!

You’ll click your link and be connected to the therapist when you both are ready. Your therapist will work to understand you and then develop goals that you can both work towards.

Contact Us

At this time, Covenant only offers online therapy in order to better serve people all over the state of Ohio. Please use the form to send in information for a contact, but please to do transmit any information that is not generally known. Mail on our side is secure, but please make sure yours is too.
At this time, Covenant only offers online therapy in order to better serve people all over the state of Ohio. Please use the form to send in information for a contact, but please to do transmit any information that is not generally known. Mail on our side is secure, but please make sure yours is too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Teletherapy

What happens if either internet connection goes down?

That happens – and power lines go down at an office – but we will set a backup. We can reconnect by cell phones – either audio or video or we’ll reschedule if needed. 

 Do you take my insurance?

At this time, we are out-of-network for insurance. Between high-deductible plans, closed insurance panels, the lack of teletherapy support, and mostly some major concerns over personal privacy, we found it more beneficial to let clients control their own billing. We will provide a “Superbill” (a specialized receipt you can submit to your insurance) via email to be reimbursed for out-of-network expenses. 

What if there’s a emergency?

We’re based in Columbus, so we know most of the emergency services in this area. If you’re out of the region, we’ll make sure that get the names of emergency services and an emergency contact for you. If you are at the point of needing help, we’ll make sure that we can get it for you.

What Equipment / Speed do I need?

We use a professional microphone set up with headphones for privacy and have a pretty decent sized internet connection. You only need a camera, a microphone, and a connection 10mbs or better (most internet providers are at least this).  If you wonder if your setup is enough, sign up for the free 15 minute consultation and give it a try.