Free 15-Minute Consultation

Free online counseling consultations let you try the platform with no risk and no pressure

Free Online Counseling Consultations – pick your favorite way to schedule

Use our easy online scheduler:

  1. Click the “Request Appointment” button
  2. Select “Free Consultation”
  3. Select “Video Office”
  4. Find a date and time that works (at least 24 hours in advance)
  5.  Fill out your information
  6. Grab a coffee or tea – and be there ready to ask questions

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Scheduling your free online counseling consultation is as close as your phone.

Though if you have to leave a voicemail, we’ll return your call as soon as possible – often after business hours, so let us know how late we can call!

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Free Online Counseling Consultation Video

Not sure how to set up your free online counseling consultation session? Matthew Morgan made a video that will walk you through the process with ease! You can actually make the appointment yourself using our self-scheduler and then be ready to go when the time for your appointment comes. 

Check it out!

Why a 15-Minute Free Online Therapy Consultation?

Therapy, in general, can be a daunting step – just the idea of preparing yourself to pour out your heart to a stranger can be anxiety-inducing – especially to those who are new to it.

Combine that with trying to use a relatively new medium with online therapy (also called E-therapy or Teletherapy) for practice and things can get nerve-wracking way too quickly.

For that reason, we offer a free 15-minute video consultation open to anyone with the state of Ohio – whether you’re in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland – or Bellvue, Delphus, or Lisbon. Just sign up for an appointment above – we’ll send you the confirmation, and can follow the directions to sign on at the time of your appointment.

What to Expect from Your 15-Minute Free Online Counseling Consultation

First and foremost – this session is not a sales pitch. There’s no pressure to come back. It’s a chance for you to sit down, try out the platform, and see if you connect with your therapist.

Ask about the Online Therapist’s approach 

You can ask about the therapist’s approach, qualifications, or how he or she handles difficulty. Every therapist is different in how he or she approaches therapy and this can be crucial for the therapeutic relationship. You can look at the bios ahead of time here if you would like.

Ask about Online Therapy 

Give as much or as little of your concerns as you would like – though please keep in mind that we will not give professional advice yet at this point because we would need to complete an intake to understand the breadth and depth of the concerns. Make sure to ask if you need individual therapy or family therapy – or use this time to figure it out.

How Your 15-Minute Online Therapy Session Works 

1) Make contact and schedule your appointment as shown above
2) We’ll email or text you a confirmation time that will have a link to your private secure session.
3) 5-10 minutes before your session, click the link. It will download and run the software you need.
4) Wait for the session to begin!