Christian Counseling

Opening the Mind to Spiritual Healing

Who Needs Christian Counseling?

People have anxiety, depression, family problems, etc. because they are people. Unfortunately, mental illness is so much better as being impartial than any of us are. It doesn’t care about gender, race, or religion. Though the causes of mental illness can vary greatly, many times these are consistent across humanity.  So whether you have a serious case of the “blahs” that you haven’t been able to shirk,  anxiety that has you up in the middle of the night, or the problems of your childhood that revisit at inopportune times, we can offer help for healing all of these. 

What is Christian Counseling?

In many cases, therapy is therapy. It doesn’t matter if your doctor is atheist, agnostic, or Pastafarian, he or she can still treat a broken bone. Therapists can use proven mental-health techniques to help heal. But one of the greatest predictors of success in a therapeutic relationship is how you connect with your therapist (the person to whom you are pouring out your heart). This is called the “therapeutic alliance.” In this case, having someone who comes to the table (or couch, or chair … or computer) with a basic understanding of your worldview can greatly speed this along.   

Online Christian Therapy

At Covenant, we work from a basic understanding of the Christian worldview. We believe in Biblical principles and apply these to the healing work that is already in place through science. We don’t believe that these two are completely incompatible, but that they inform each other.  

We will work within your worldview. We will work to understand what causes YOUR depression, YOUR anxiety, or what cause YOU to struggle with finding your own identity. We will work with you to create a plan on how to fix this. And – if you would like and ask us to – we will even pray with you. We believe in the power of God to heal all kinds of diseases – and are more than happy to tap into spiritual sources of healing.