What We Believe

Our Therapeutic Approach

Covenant Family Wellness of Columbus, OH was formed to provide online therapy to families that need help connecting with one another. Yes, we treat anxiety, depression, and other “mood disorders,” but we treat in a holistic manner. To us, the ability to reconnect with people and develop meaningful relationships is a sign of mental wellness. Our approach to treatment is to be present with you – we won’t tell you what to do, but we will give you options. We won’t tell you how you should feel. While there’s value in positive thinking, we don’t subscribe to ignoring the suffering that has happened. 

If you’re questioning whether therapy might be beneficial, feel free to schedule an initial 15 minute consultation and voice your concerns and queries. It’s NOT NOT NOT a sales call (did we mention “not”). There’s no pressure to return if you don’t feel therapy – or online therapy – is best for you. 

About Online Therapy

After being in people’s homes for year, Covenant’s founder, Matthew E. Morgan, saw the benefit of being present in a client’s home for therapy. They are typically more comfortable (or less uncomfortable). They can bring their pets. And best of all – it’s secure and confidential. If you have concerns about this, feel free to ask, but please understand that as a counseling confidentiality and privacy are cardinal values. 

Our Approach to Spirituality / Christianity

First and foremost, Covenant respects a variety of walks of life. We say it that way, because we don’t support everything (that’s impossible).  We won’t support those who hurt, injure, threaten, or belittle others (or themselves). We come from a Christian basis – which is what draws us to love others. We believe in being present with people in their suffering, in their questioning, and even what is labelled sin. That’s why we do what we do. 

Covenant is a safe place to work through issues of faith – no matter what your starting point might be. And if faith isn’t why you’ve come to Covenant, we respect that boundary. This is not the time or place to proselytize or convince someone to take a faith stance. That’s between you, a church, and/or God. We just want to be there to help while we can.