How to Buy Socks and Underwear (and other stuff) for the HSP You Love

Find 9 ways to help highly sensitive address the discomfort that comes from certain clothes. 

What bothers us? Certain fabrics (and this varies by individual), how clothing fits, what colors are there, how it’s washed, and then the myriad of “small” things like tags, seams, and buttons. 

Keeping these in mind, as well as the principles below, can help navigate the tricky quagmire of the HSP and his or challenges in finding clothing. 

Also available in video format (coming soon)
Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC


Today’s show is hosted by Matthew Morgan, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio. Matthew’s favorite roles are as a husband and father. He also is known for loving his coffee. See more about Matthew here

Behind the Podcast Thoughts:

So the inspiration from this podcast came from watching a couple dozen kiddos in church this morning during our Christmas program. A few of them were definitely uncomfortable in their Sunday best and it brought to mind the challenge that highly sensitive people have when picking clothes.