Minecon Earth: About the last place that one might expect to find gleanings about family and how we can work to create environments that are nourishing and restoring. Here are 5 of my observations, though in retrospect I wish that I had actually done 8 … bits. Get it? Oh nevermind. Check out the podcast for more bad jokes … oh – and an encouragement to work on building the family.

Applying the “Bread over Stones” approach to Minecon Earth

Sitting at Minecon Earth. I found 5 takeaways to help develop the family:

1) Shared Interests

2) Different Strengths

3) Energy from Others

4) Strength in Diversity

5) Life is Messy

Minecon Earth Challenge

Your challenge this week: Find one of these areas where you can build the strength of your family:

Talk about what makes your family values strong, build up a family member talking about their strengths, monitor the energy usage and embrace it, talk about diversity and what that means for your family, or just take time to make a mess (and then have the kids help clean it up)
Family Values: Investing your beliefs into your family
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Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC


Today’s show is hosted by Matthew Morgan, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio. Matthew’s favorite roles are as a husband and father. He also is known for loving his coffee. See more about Matthew here

Behind the Podcast Thoughts:

Minecon Earth. What else was I to do? I broke out my notepad and started jotting things down as I watched everyone interact. Yeah, I got a few looks, but like I say in the podcast – we all have unique strengths and we need to play to those.