Healing with humor: this podcast deals with trying to balance the seriousness of many situations with the ability to laugh at it. Learn the effects that humor can have on the brain (and therefore, the relationship), as well as some guidelines to ensuring a positive experience.

Applying the “Bread over Stones” approach to Healing with Humor

Humor can be an incredible grace-giving opportunity that has a number of benefits for people. But it comes with a dangerous side if used inappropriately. It can easily drive a wedge between people or even further wound the hurt person. But that doesn’ tmean that we should avoid using humor to fix our families – we just need to use it wisely. 

Why we need to Heal with Humor:

The answers are in the podcast, but the bottom line is that laughter activates the same portion of our brains that lights up when we are gambling. This means that the left and right parts of the brain are both firing – giving the same healing that comes from ERDR, exercising, or many mindfulness routines.  

Healing with humor can be a subjective problem. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, but there are some general principles that we can follow to make sure that everyone is beting treated equally and fairly – allowing the use of humor to provide that healling that is needed.  

Family Values: Investing your beliefs into your family
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Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC


Today’s show is hosted by Matthew Morgan, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio. Matthew’s favorite roles are as a husband and father. He also is known for loving his coffee. See more about Matthew here

Behind the Podcast Thoughts:

This was a stressful week and we needed to laugh. It’s always a dangerous thing in our family since my son’s sense of humor is still developing and he is so fiercely literal at times that I have to be careful not to upset him further. But true to form, I have managed to do that – and we’ve learned a lot as we’ve patched things up afterward.