Overcoming shame: this can be one of the most challenging activities for a family. Everything about shame tears families apart. It drives people away from the ones that can hurt them the most.

Applying the “Bread over Stones” approach to Overcoming Shame

The show this week gets a little raw and revealing as I discuss the concept of shame – talking about what it does to our family … and to many families

Why we need to Overcome Shame:

Overcoming shame becomes necessary because shame will divide a family. Shame can bring in a defensiveness that pulls us away and gives us an inherent message that we are not good enough.

This episode is about bringing the shame to light in order to deal with it.

Family Values: Investing your beliefs into your family

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Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC


Today’s show is hosted by Matthew Morgan, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio. Matthew’s favorite roles are as a husband and father. He also is known for loving his coffee. See more about Matthew here

Behind the Podcast Thoughts:

This episode was definitely not a dispassionate endeavor. It’s rooted in several weeks of shame in our own lives as well as quite a few teaachings from Brene Brown.