There’s no better investment in your children than spending quality time with them. One of the best ways to do this – and one that can be challenging to many of us – is to enter into the world of your “other person” and let them decide what to do.

Applying the “Bread over Stones” approach to Quality Time

My podcast guest – and Bread over Stone hero – is none other than my wife, Martha. This week Martha undertook a great challenge for her. She learned to play the Pokemon trading card game with our son. For someone who had never played a trading card game, this was a huge step. But the best part was that for the price of a little time – and some cards (she borrowed my deck) – a mom had the chance to have a profound impact on her son.

The Quality Time Challenge:

Why are you listening to this podcast? Or – more importantly – for whom are you listening? A spouse? Child? Significant other?

Whoever it is, take some time out with them this week

  • Do an activity around the house (play a game, do a puzzle, watch cat videos on YouTube)
  • Go out somewhere where your “other person” wants to go. No string attached – let them choose.

That’s it. No strings attached. No ulterior motives. Just play on their terms and observe what happens!

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Martha Morgan

Martha Morgan

Podcast Guest

Martha Morgan is one of the voices of the Bread over Stones podcast. She has worked varied jobs from building wiring harnesses to working in a deli. Her favorite endeavor is to be a wife and mother; she’s a mom of one – a high-spirited 8-year-old boy – and has been married to her husband Matthew for over 20 years. She currently works as a child-care provider for two amazing toddlers.

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC

Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC


Today’s show is hosted by Matthew Morgan, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio. Matthew’s favorite roles are as a husband and father. He also is known for loving his coffee. See more about Matthew here

Behind the Podcast Thoughts:

I love “catching” people doing good things – and to hear my wife learning to take an interest in the activities my son loved was an amazing experience. I knew that I wanted to have her on the show to talk about quality time with our kids – but I wasn’t sure if she’d agree. She has always excelled at the behind-the-scenes activities. When she said she’d come on, I was thrilled – and this has definitely been my favorite podcast to date.